Founder’s Page

Who Is Behind The Dream 

Nolbert Brown, Jr., a Beverly Hills, CA resident and Founder of  a national non-profit – The American Emerald Awards Foundation, is a graduate of Vila Nova University where he earned a Master of Arts Degree. Nolbert always had a passion for helping people who have special needs.  His brother had a physical and medical condition that prohibited him from attending school and participating in activities. Additionally, Nolbert’s mother had a mental illness that was never treated because she refused to seek professional help. She was a very strong woman who managed to work as a supervisor for decades and take care of her family even though she struggled severely with mental illness.

Nolbert is a movie producer, play writer and music producer. He has produced over thirty productions throughout his career. He is presently working on an innovative sitcom targeted for television. The African Oscars Awards unanimously selected Brown to direct their 2014 and 2015 African Oscars Awards.  Brown is credited by his colleagues for creative script writing for the character of “George Jefferson,” played by Sherman Hemsley while Hemsley worked on “All in the Family.” Brown has extraordinary theatrical vision and an amazing future in the business of film, television, and performing arts.

The Dream Realized

Mr. Brown combines his experience in the arts with his desire to help those with special needs. He has created programs at ALTEC Services, Jevs Human Services, and as a private consultant.    He uses music, painting, and the performing arts, to not only calm the clients, but to help them develop skills to help them be contributors to the community. He understands the importance of them contributing and being productive citizen to them living fulfilled lives.

Nolbert is committed to helping the clients understand that they are able to contribute something positive to their communities. He believes strongly in helping them reintegrate as much as possible to the rest of society. Hence the Emerald Awards Foundation and The Center of Hope.

Opening the American Emerald Award Foundation is one of Nolbert’s dreams. This dream will enable him to leave a legacy for his brother and mother, as well as help those who cannot help themselves.