Dear Friend of the Arts,

Welcome to the American Emerald Awards (EA) Foundation.

Founder and visionary, Nolbert Brown Jr., is an noted author, director, producer, and playwright  who also has a heart for giving.   In his travels around our world community, Nolbert has seen a need and seeks to fill that need.  You have the unique opportunity to help fill that need and become a part of a unique and wonderful experience.


Who of us has not been gifted with talents of many singers, and actors, dancers etc.? Our days have been lifted by our favorite song, touched by characters in plays and movies, and moved by dance. Nolbert believes it is time to thank those who have devoted their lives to bringing us joy.  The Emerald Falling Stars Foundation gives back to these human treasures.  We provide financial assistance to the artists and their families for medical expenses, funeral expenses etc.


As parents, we see the quality of education is dropping at a tremendous rate.  As the Arts are removed from our schools, the opportunity for neural development, motor skills, as well as creativity and love for the Arts also diminishes. For the youth interested in the arts, the American Emerald Academy offers a unique education experience, focused on the arts from grade 10 up to 2 year college degree.  The Emerald Academy  not only provides traditional courses required to receive a high school diploma, but also classes in acting, music, directing, producing , and even broadcast journalism. The college courses are accredited and taught by actors, producers, and people with real and practical experience in the various fields.  Students are guaranteed jobs upon graduation.


This program provides assistance to Domestic Violence survivors.   Every one of us has been touch by this horrible phenomenon, and with violent crime on the rise, it is even more important for victims to have a place to go for help.  We provide financial assistance as well as directing victims towards counselling services, and a start to a new and better life.


The Emerald Awards is the crowning glory of the foundation and a chance for members to become involved in the process.  The EA Awards honors our “EMERALDS”, our pioneers in the arts, who have devoted their lives to sharing their amazing talents with us. Members will be provided an opportunity to be up close and personal with these treasured celebrities while we give them their roses while they are still here.    Proceeds from the awards will go toward the aforementioned programs.


As you can see, the American Emerald Foundation has much to do, and it cannot be done without your love and support.  As citizens of the world, we can care for one another, and make our home a better place. Please join us in doing so with a monthly donation of $100 of more. If you can help with a onetime donation of any amount, it would appreciate as well. Thank you in advance for being a part of The American Emerald Foundation.



Nolbert Brown Jr., President

Our President and Founder


 Stage Plays

Mr. Nolbert Brown Jr. has produced over thirty stage productions throughout his career that include “The Life Story of Marvin Gaye” starring Keith Washington, “The Life Story of Mahalia Jackson Story” starring Ann Nesby, “Real Woman Pray” and “A Good Man Is Hard To Find”.  His most recent production is a musical stage play entitled The Little Black Dress starring Karyn White and Miguel Nunez. This musical theater performance hit the box office in 2015 .


Brown is credited with his colleagues for creative script writing for the character of “George Jefferson,” played by Sherman Hemsley and worked on the set of “All in the Family as an intern”. He’s presently working on a innovative sitcom targeted for television as well

Awards Shows

Nolbert Brown’s first award show was The Hollywood Insider’s Gospel Music Awards where he was unanimously selected to direct in 2004. In 2014 he was the Director of the African Oscar’s that took place in Hollywood California. He is currently focused on the creative development of his own awards show, The American Emerald Awards,  in 2016.

The Big Screen

Mr Brown is now slated to direct and produce 2 major motion pictures, entitled “The Jersey 4”, starring Keith David, Jackie Christie and Peter Jason, and “Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud”. Both films are scheduled for release in 2016.

Brown has appeared on various television and radio broadcasts while creating a pathway to reveal his expressive gift as a playwright, director and producer.  His aspirations are forever evolving. His passion for writing is exemplary and reflect his professionalism and talent. Nolbert Brown, Jr. has extraordinary theatrical vision; Writing, Directing & Producing skills that compels him to win, win and win on every project.